How To Maximize My YouTube Views On Social Media

Is it a good idea to share my YouTube video on Social media to get more views?

Well to answer that question in a bit more extensive wording, I have written a article about this below.

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Video has become the most common source of information especially on social media platforms. Looking back in history way back in 2006 when YouTube was then first introduce online. Many people (including me) had not realized its importance and merely consider it as video hosting site to publish content hoping for exposure in the digital world.

Today, YouTube offers massive user based platform in which over years it hosted world renowned videos. Not just that, YouTube also created massive job opportunities and careers from content producers and plays a significant part for those who have just started up aiming for exposure.

Whether the goals of producing videos was just to entertain, promote and even educate. There are required steps that should be followed for you to finally have one video. And once you have successfully created your content and successfully uploaded it on the site. Your next concern is to get youtube views from audience, but the challenge now is the number of videos available, making it difficult for your video to get views.

Using a social media platform is the best way for you to share your video to get more views. This is what we defined as networking, for startup YouTubers, this is the most significant part for you to increase video view count. Using simple marketing method will somewhat help your video gain exposure, connecting your social profiles like Twitter and Facebook on your YouTube account enables you to share video conveniently and easily.

By reaching out related videos of what you have on social platform groups, eg. Facebook groups, it will even boost your views in an instant. But you need to consider in sharing your YouTube videos on social media, people certainly tend to click and watch videos which are informative and entertaining to them. Trash videos will be in vain, so better not create one.

We have seen people sharing their YouTube videos on social media platforms and it also shows that the number of responses tagged as view count increases as well. Though it clear shows that YouTube shared on social media increases its views, the quality of the video plays a significant role in it. The type of video shared on social media creates a relationship at loyal viewer base.

Sharing your YouTube video on relevant network profiles on different platforms help promote videos. Again, using social media as a tool for you to increase your YouTube Video is a good strategy, but you need to take note that “communication is a key to consider in doing it.

Lastly, you need to be consistent when you promote your YouTube video, since potential viewers’ judge based on it, whether they stick or not.